Framework for Understanding Pain - Diagnostic Section -
Dvd and Book
Diagnostic Section
Pain Classification by Anatomy
Pain Evaluation, Physical Examination and Clinical Methods
Pain Disorders and Syndromes Encountered in Clinical Practice
Diseases and Syndromes Differential Diagnosis Online
Applied laboratory medicine and pain
Imaging and pain
Instrumental methods in the diagnosis of pain syndromes
Pain Processing System Anatomy and Physiology
Psychological evaluation of pain
Therapeutic Section
Pain Clinic
Pain Clinic Record
Pain Clinic Guidelines
Protocols for Pain Management
Pain Assessment and Pharmacological Management
Interventional Pain Procedures
Diet and pain
Psychological and Emotional Support
Complementary and Physical Treatment for Pain
Legal and Ethical Issues
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Dvd and Book -PainDifferential Diagnosis Dvd and Book will be Published in December 2010

Mobile Applications - Pain Differential Diagnosis to mobile phone will be released in December 2010.

software New Software - Pain Differential Diagnosis is a brand new program completely ipertextual and interactive. It includes three integrated diagnostic softwares (Medicus ®, Theia™ Textbook™) which allow for an istant diagnosis for all diseases and syndormes encountered in the day-to-day practice. Pain Differential Diagnosis is the result of a computer supported cooperative work of mathematicians, informatics researchers and physicians who have achieved special training in pain differential diagnosis. 


Stop pain and help people in their greatest time of need PDF Print

This web site contains over 201000 pages. They display  images and texts that can be easily consulted. The web site will be updated every week until its completion in August 2012. On this same date, the book and the dvd, PAIN DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT , will be published. The Book plus dvd set will also include new software THEIA © that will allow an instant diagnosis of PAIN RELATED DISEASES.

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